Artifact #3

David Correa ~ Class of 2022

Why did you decide to come to UNE?

I liked the small size of the school and that it wasn’t overly populated with people. I like my programs strength at this school, I am nursing major and UNE has a very strong nursing program. I think UNE has a great community feel and overall that is what drew me to UNE.

Were you always looking for a small size school or did you look at larger sized school?

I wanted the small school feel so you can get to know most of your class. Although I wanted a smaller school I applied four schools not worrying about their size, but UNE was my top choice.

How do you feel after being here for almost a full semester?

I feel the school is a good fit for me. I can keep myself busy with clubs and activities throughout the day. I know people on campus and can say hi to people while walking around campus. I like that because it’s the community feel that I wanted.

What clubs and activities are you involved in on campus?

I have been involved in Outing Club, Student Nursing Association, Upstream Nursing Association. For intramurals I did Ultimate Frisbee till our season ended. Right now i’m doing 3v3 Basketball, and volleyball.

What do you like most about intramurals?

I likes that the people who I played ultimate Frisbee with are on my team for volleyball. Then in basketball I get the chance to meet new people.

Would you recommend UNE to prospective students and why?

I 100% would recommend UNE to prospective students. The overall community, the activities and the many opportunities to get involved will trump any doubt that you have about the size or anything about the school.

What is your biggest priority this semester and why?

My biggest priority this semester is academics. Im focused on this because I have a rigorous program and I want to be able to work through it. Also I want to do well because of the tuition and the money I am paying for the college so I don’t want it to go to waste.

What are you looking forward to most coming into Spring semester?

I am looking forward to a change of classes so I can keep on top of new information that I can apply to what I have learned in the fall semester. Outing Club is having a trip for spring semester that I is looking forward to. Right now though I just wants to keep the same mentality that I has now into the spring.

How has your transition from high school to college been?

I think it was very over exaggerated. The transition is a lot easier than what people have said. I got very use to the space constraint in the rooms easily. I adjusted to having roommates and I get along with them. Academically it hasn’t been extremely difficult and I have enough time to do homework and do other activities.

Did you ever find yourself bored on campus?

I sometimes felt bored because I didn’t know what to get involved with. I had to figure out what activities were going on that weekend and how UNE displayed them. Once I figured it out I have been busy and active in doing stuff.

Looking back have you regretted anything that you have done so far?

I wish I got to know his floor and roommates more. I went in with the idea of roommates were only people I would see occasionally. Also, I wish that I developed a better relationship with my RA.


Sidney Lyytikainen ~ Class of 2022

Why did you choose UNE?

I came to UNE because I love the Animal Behavior program that the school offers. I also love to travel and wanted to explore other states besides California.

How did you find out about UNE in California?

I was looking for colleges that has animal programs. Then it was my mom that found UNE online and told me that she should look into it. After I  looked into it more and toured the school I decided this was where I wanted to spend my four years at.

How do you feel about UNE now after being here for almost a semester?

I really like the school. It is worth what I expected and I am getting a lot out of this school. I am  looking forward to starting my more major oriented courses next semester. I don’t regret my decision one bit.

What would you want to do for your future career?

I really want to do rescue and rehab. In the meantime to get to that end goal I want to work with training marine mammals. I want to be the one to go out and rescue the marine animals then help them get better to set them free.

Would you recommend UNE to prospective students?

I 100% would recommend UNE to prospective students. I would tell them that UNE is a small school environment and you should know that classes are going to be small. You should also get to know your professors because you will be seeing them throughout your time here.

Were you looking for small sized school or did you look at larger sized schools too?

When looking at colleges I applied to small and large schools because I didn’t know what I was looking for. I then thought that I knew I liked having that bond with teachers and being able to have a one on one environment to learn so I then narrowed my search to smaller schools.

What do you think of your professors this semester?

I think that they are very patients with students and that give a lot to good feedback. I encourage talking to your professors because they do care and aren’t scary to talk to.

Are you involved in any clubs or activities on campus?

I am  involved in Scuba Club, UNE Fit, and recently joined Outing Club. I went on a trip to Acadia over fall long weekend. She recommends getting involved on campus. For intramurals I am looking to possibly do cross country for varsity in the spring.

Do you ever find yourself bored on campus?

Not really only if something isn’t posted for the weekend or my friends go home. Mostly I am studying or doing some activity.

How was your transition from high school to college?

My transition was a little hard for because I am so far away from home. Academically I have had a good transition because I knew I had to put in more effort for college work. I recommend really putting in the work for anything because doing that work is going to result in good grades and help in the long run.

What is your biggest priority this semester and why?

My biggest priority is my classes to make sure she stays on track and get her credits for sophomore year. She is maintaining the balance between school and fun so she can remain happy in her college experience.


Nick Paolini ~ Class of 2020

Why did you decide to come to UNE?

I like the small school aspect. He didn’t like the bigger schools that had a lot more people on campus. He also likes the location of the school with it being on the water.

After being here for three years what do you think of UNE now?

I have had good experience so far. I think if I went to another school I wouldn’t have been as successful. UNE Math department is very small so as a Mathematics major I have been able to make a lot of good connections. I like that the school isn’t a big party school and more of a community. I like that I can talk to anyone because everyone is very friendly on campus. My favorite thing to do on campus is just hanging out with friends in someone’s suite.

What advice would you give to a freshman to help them get through their freshman year?

Just try to be as outgoing as possible and talk to random people. Go to professors office hours, and just try to put yourself out there as much as possible.

What do you think of the professors you have had so far?

I am close to some professors more than others but that’s going to happen. I have connected mostly with the math department professors because it is a small program I have  had the professors more than once.

Would you recommend UNE to a prospective student?

I would recommend UNE to a prospective student but comes with fair warning. I say this school is definitely not for everyone and that if you are looking for a small school or a medical school then UNE is a good choice.

Are you involved in any clubs or activities on campus?

I am the treasurer of the math club, a representative for RSLA, and a member of SHAG. I have done all the intramural sports but I really like the Frisbee team. I played it in high school and UNE doesn’t have a real team so that was disappointing for me but I am keeping up with it in intramurals.

What is your biggest priority this semester?

My biggest priority this semester is time management. I have a lot going on for the fall semester and i’m just trying to get everything done. I have no major specific classes this semester but is still keeping up with my work.

Have you or do you want to study abroad?

I am unable to study abroad in Morocco because they don’t offer the math class abroad. Instead I apply to the two week travel courses to still get to explore new places. Right now I am in the Belize course and im planning on applying to the Kenya travel course next semester.